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Fabian Jankowski

I hold a degree "Diplom-Physiker" from DESY and Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany. I specialise in experimental particle physics and further in astroparticle physics. My previous work was in gamma-ray astronomy. I focused on the question of the origin of cosmic rays, mostly from a theoretical point of view. I modelled the non-thermal multi-wavelength emission of supernova remnants from radio to TeV energies and compared this to broad-band observational data.

In September 2013 I commenced my PhD at Swinburne University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Bailes and Dr. Willem van Straten. My interest is in pulsar science and radio transients. I am mainly involved in re-commissioning the Molonglo radio telescope. As a first step I investigated the population of pulsars and radio bursts that would be observable with Molonglo. Since then I have implemented an automatic observing mode, took data nearly every night, worked on pulsar timing, built an analysis pipeline for the incoherent mode and helped debugging the instrument. I am also involved in and lead observation proposals for the Parkes telescope.

For up-to-date information please visit my website.

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